Welcome to Nile Valley School. I am proud to be part of the wonderful NVS family that includes all of our children, parents, staff and supporters in the community.

Every day we do our best to ensure that our students are working hard in all aspects of their education. At Nile Valley we use the American Common Core Curriculum as our standard for instruction. To supplement the Common Core we also incorporate the newest and most innovative curriculum in the world has to offer. Our teachers use modern research-based methodology to challenge our students to think “outside of the box.”

We want to produce students who have the right skills to be successful in their post-secondary education and beyond. We teach creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills. We teach communication and collaboration skills. We provide instruction in citizenship and personal and social responsibility.

Beyond our academically rigorous curriculum Nile Valley provides a wide range of activities to stimulate creativity and personal fitness. We believe that by maintaining very high standards we can ensure that our students will excel in the areas of literacy and numeracy.The teachers at NVS set high standards for themselves. They want our students to receive the finest education possible. We have high expectations for every child at Nile Valley and at the same try to instill a mindset whereby every child has high expectations for him or herself. That, we feel, develops in our students an attitude that embraces learning for the sake of learning.

I would encourage you to drop by the school anytime and see for yourself the wonderful things that go on every single day at Nile Valley School!

Mr. Faisl Abbas, Chairman.


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