Middle School Mathematics

BSc, Teaching Cert.

While in college, Mr. Michael was hired as an assistant at a Children’s Center: preschool and pre-K children.

He loved the job and within a month was volunteering at the nearby elementary school in the Kindergarten classrooms. There he met two incredible teachers: whom he wanted to emulate and changed his major from engineering to math/education. Mr. Michael’s first year of teaching was with a Kindergarten classroom. He had a lot of fun. Since then he has taught 1st/2nd grade, 4th/5th grade, 7th/8th grade math and history, high school and college math. He has taught in California, Colorado, and Maine. This is his 35th year of teaching and he still loves the job. Mr. Michael has two children: a daughter (age 37) and a son (age 36), and he has 5 grandchildren! He loves to visit with them all! Mr. Higgins enjoys music, art, hiking, gardening, and great stories.


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