Welcome to Nile Valley School!

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am delighted to welcome back our students, parents, staff members and well-wishers for the new academic year.

Throughout the years, Nile Valley School has enjoyed a proven track record of success and earned a reputation for academic excellence by providing high educational standards. The Board of Directors is committed to providing every possible means of support to the School leadership in order to ensure that our NVS students develop the multi-talented skills and benefits derived from a positive learning experience. We are justly proud of our outstanding varied, global oriented school curriculum that is not only American based but also follows the IGCSE program in partnership with the Cambridge Examination Board. Student academic growth is measured by MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing three times a year via an online assessment that is aligned to the Common Core standards.

The Board of Directors is greatly appreciative of our teaching and non-teaching staff who give generously of their many talents to provide quality learning opportunities for the students. We are pleased to have an energetic, creative, highly qualified and enthusiastic group of teachers who uphold the highest academic standards. During the course of this school year, we will ensure that regular monitoring of the school’s performance is a collaborative undertaking. As such, we encourage parental support in matters such as ensuring the completion of homework assignments and having students arrive at school promptly in the morning.

It is our resolve that parental involvement and working in partnership with our teaching faculty for the benefit of their children, will result in a well-rounded quality education for the students that have been entrusted to our care. We are proud of each and every one. We look forward to a great academic year ahead. A year that is filled with exciting extra curricula activities and a challenging academic program.

With best wishes for a successful school year.

Chairman, Mr. Mamoun Gamal



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