Homework is the time to practice the skills a student learns in class time. It is also the time to explode new ideas and concept on their own. Please not that all subjects taken at school are of equal importance; therefore, students should never neglect certain subjects’ homework on their own discretion, or according to a like/dislike judgment. Homework is evaluated and graded by the teachers, as it contributes to the overall assessment of any subject.


We expect students to work hard at school and to do their homework. Our experienced and trained teachers give homework based on an established standard and appropriate for age groups:

*Students in grades 1 – 3 should expect 1hour H.W load per night

*Students in grades 4 – 8 should expect 1:30 hour H.W load per night

*Students in grades 9 & 10 should expect a minimum of 2-hour H.W load per night

There are two things that can affect the homework load:Firstly, if your child speaks English as a second language, then we encourage him/her to spend an additional 15 to 30 minutes more in reading at home each night. The better he/she reads and comprehends, the better his/her overall success in school will be.

Secondly, teachers regularly give students time in class to work on assignments. If for some reason your child does not complete that work, then he/she would take it home to complete. This could add a little more time to their homework. However, encourage your child to work diligently in class and finish as much as possible at school.

Undone or Incomplete homework will be dealt with according to the student code of conduct. (See Student Code of Conduct 2019-2020).

Teachers generally have some sort of system for tracking, through regular marking and commenting on your child’s homework. Please make sure you follow up with your child’s work.



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