Any form of bullying will not be tolerated. This includes on-line bullying, making threats, or intimidation.

Bullying can happen anyplace—on the playground, on the bus, in the hallways, even in the bathroom. Bullying can be lots of things. It is hitting, pushing, name calling, threatening, teasing, sending mean e-mails, taking or ruining another person’s things, leaving someone out—and lots of other nasty stuff that’s done on purpose to hurt someone. How can you tell if something is bullying? Just remember this:

It’s bullying if… Someone is hurting another person on purpose (physically or emotionally) and the child who is doing it has more power.

We have heard from students that parents tell them, “If someone hits you hit them back harder. If someone says something bad about you or your family, say something worse about them.” This is not the way Nile Valley School operates. Help your child understand that if they fight or bully anyone, regardless of what provoked the situation, they will be disciplined and suspended.


Fighting is unacceptable and will result in an automatic suspension from school.



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