All disciplinary actions are directed toward protecting the welfare of the school community, as well as helping the student develop self-discipline. At Nile Valley we have a policy of progressive discipline.

Each classroom or subject teacher has his or her own specific classroom management plan. That plan includes clear rules and behavior expectations. Teachers also have a series of classroom procedures to create the best possible supportive learning environment. Your child will be given a written version of his or her teacher’s classroom rules. We fully expect each teacher to manage his or her classroom.

Each teacher’s discipline plan contains a series of steps to deal with students who disobey the rules and negatively affect the learning environment of the classroom. Those exact steps will vary from teacher to teacher. However, they will at some point include a call home. Once the teacher makes contact with the home, it is considered a serious problem that needs immediate attention by the parent. At that point we encourage the teacher and parent to communicate openly and completely about the situation. We are confident the student’s performance will improve at that point. When a student reaches the end of the teacher’s discipline plan, the student will be referred to the administration.

Direct disobedience and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in the most firm way. All cases of direct disobedience will be referred to the Principal or Vice Principal. In extreme cases this will mean a suspension from school.


Students may be given a “detention” as a penalty for inappropriate behavior. A detention is time out of recess or lunch or may be scheduled after school. During detentions, students are expected to do school work. 24


When a student is suspended, it is his or her responsibility to collect the homework from the teacher and turn it in within the second school day back. Missed tests may be made up within 3 school days of returning to school. For example, if the student is on suspension on a Monday, he or she must turn in missed homework by Wednesday and complete missed tests by Thursday.



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