All parents are required to follow our parent code of conduct outlined below.

1. Parents are requested to co-operate with the Management in enforcing discipline, regularity, punctuality and systematic work. They should see that their child completes his/her homework /assignment every day.

2. Parents are not allowed to see their children during class hours. If any parent wishes to meet his/her child, they should contact the Head of the Institution and get permission.

3. Parents can make use of the school planner for communicating with the class and subject Teachers. They are also asked to check the student’s planner every day to take note of the Home-work assigned to the student.

4. Parents are requested not to allow their children to bring fancy items, playing things, money, comics, jewels, mobile phone, iPod the school. Such acts are considered as breach of discipline.

5. Parents should produce medical proof, if their children take leave on any medical grounds, prior permission must be optioned from the Head of the Institution.

6. Medical certificate as well as fitness certificate should be produced; if the child avails leave for more than 3 days on medical grounds.

7. Parents can meet the class teacher/ subject teacher between 2:30 to 3:30pm after seeking prior permission from the principal.

8. Students going with their PARENTS by AUTO should leave the campus by 2:30pm. (School gate will be kept only for 10 minutes).

9. Parents’ orientation program is COMPULSORY FOR ALL


Parental Co-operation

1. All the efforts made by the teachers with regard to the student’s improvement can bear fruit only if the parents co-operate.

2. Parents are not allowed to meet teachers during class hours.

3. Parents’ desires of discussing with teachers regarding the progress of their ward may meet them in the meeting room either before class hours or after class by prior appointment.

4. Parents will ensure that:
a) Fees are to be paid as scheduled. Final payment should be made by January 20th. Any account in arrears will result in your child’s place not being secured for the following year.
b) Children attend the school in the prescribed uniform and with the required books.
c) Children devote enough time in completing their lessons and assignments.

5. Parents are requested to examine the progress reports carefully and not to write any comments or suggestions in the progress report.



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