Merowe's Trip

NVS Fifth Graders wrapped up their study of ancient Nile Valley Civilizations by visiting the pyramids at Meroe, one of the former capitals of the ancient kingdom of Kush and home to many hundreds of tombs where former rulers were buried.

We invited Grade 6 to join us as well since they were finishing a unit studying North Africa which included a special focus on ancient Nile Valley Civilizations as well. Here's what a few of our fifth graders had to say about their day trip in the desert.

“My favorite part about the Meroe field trip was when we were going on the bus. The girls were in one bus and the boys were in another bus. We sang songs and shared snacks. The second part I liked was the time when we went to the pyramids and entered them. I went into two pyramids and one temple. The first pyramid was very large and not very dangerous. Only five of us went into the second pyramid. My favorite part of the field trip was when my parents agreed for me to go!!”... Ayat

“My favorite part of the field trip was going inside the pyramids because it was my first time seeing them too! I also like that the stairs I was stepping on are stairs that pharaohs once stepped on thousands of years ago. Another very funny thing was that Mr. Scott told us funny stories inside the pyramids. In one pyramid I saw Isis and Osiris [carved onto the walls]. I have a lot of souvenirs from Meroe.”

“My favorite part when we went to Meroe was when we rode the camels. The camel that I rode was a boy. The camelier made a sound for the camel to keep going.” ... Melissa

“The trip to Meroe was a wonderful experience for me. I like the whole trip but if I had to pick a favorite part, it would be riding the camels. I liked riding the camels because it was like riding a bouncing machine. When I rode the camel I was surprised by how fast the camels were.” Omer “My favorite part of the Meroe field trip is when we saw the pyramids and rode the camels. While I was walking to the pyramids my shoes were filled with sand. I liked riding camels because you felt like you are a king. I also liked seeing the pyramids because I got to learn about ancient Nubia. These were my favorite parts of the field trip.”... Ali

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