Nile Valley School’s curriculum is based on the American system. We use the American Common Core standards to guide instruction. Our curriculum is comprehensive and connecting from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. 

We take care to ensure all subjects are covered well and at the appropriate times. Grade 9, 10 and 11 follow the IGCSE.


Discover more about our curriculum subjects below.




Language Arts


We have a rigorous language arts program that develops strong skills in both spoken and written English. We use the Story-town curriculum from Harcourt Publishing. It includes a comprehensive leveled reading program. In middle school we use additional resources that help students prepare for secondary school.



The science curriculum stimulates young minds to explore their world. We focus on age-level appropriate concepts for life science, earth science and physical science. The Harcourt Science series leads students through critical thinking and information gathering exercises.

Social Studies


The Social Studies curriculum brings out concepts such as “My Family,” “My Community,” and “My World.” We work hard to apply as much of the information as possible to the Sudanese and African contexts. At the Middle School level we focus on World History and Geography. We will make every effort to focus on various parts of Sudanese and African history



Our mathematics curriculum systematically develops the skills necessary to understand and effectively use math in future studies and in life.



Students learn to read and present musical pieces. This includes opportunities for special performances during the year.

Physical Education


In our PE program we teach students how to maintain healthy lifestyle habits through physical exercise, recreational activity and nutrition.



We offer a comprehensive Arabic program for both native and non-native Arabic language learners. New, recently developed materials are used to enhance our Arabic language program.

Religious Studies


We offer a comprehensive and rigorous religious program. We offer Islamic Studies to our Muslim students and Christian Studies to our Christian population.



Students learn concepts and techniques of different art forms, art history and art appreciation. There will be opportunities for students to exhibit their art throughout the year.

Information and Computer Technology (ICT)


Students learn basic computer skills and reach a level of proficiency with different computer programs.

Field Trips


Classes are encouraged to go on at least two field trips each year. If you have a good idea for a field trip, or could arrange an interesting destination, Please let your child’s teacher know.


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