The school incorporates a wide range of co-curricular activities which enrich our students’ learning. These activities extend our students so that they can achieve their best in a variety of aspects of school life as well as contributing to the wider community.

Nile Valley School offers a variety of after school programs to enhance the learning and social experience of the students. Parents are encouraged to sign their children up for these programs. Co-curricular activities offered by teachers take place before, during and after school. NVS staff can provide a list of recommended clubs for additional after school activities.

Throughout the year there are various clubs that students may participate in. The clubs are based on the abilities of the teachers and the interests of the students. When a club is offered, a note will go home with the students. Some clubs are limited by age or to a certain number of participants. Some clubs require extra materials, so there would be a small fee associated with it to cover those costs. Additionally, some clubs will require special equipment that may be the family’s responsibility to provide. The cost of each club will vary.

To be eligible to participate in any of the sports programs, parents must sign a permission form. As well, students are required to regularly attend practices and must have an above average academics-behavior and school accounts in arrears may affect the participation of your child. The school provides the transportation for the team to and from the games and tournaments, but the parents can choose to pick up their children from the event.

Apart from basketball and other sports activities, high school students are expected to complete 20 hours of practical community service. This may involve working in an orphanage or teaching English in a local school. We are also developing a one week internship program for our Grade 11 students to help them make thoughtful and insightful career choices. Recreational sports such as basketball and soccer are available, extra study support and a range of other activities including Student Council (STUCO). As part of our High School expansion, during 2018-19, we will also be offering ‘A Week Without Walls,’ experience. A ‘Week without Walls’ is a week of experiential learning that will be organized each school year for Grade 9 to 12. All of the trips involve the students in real world learning situations and builds on each individual’s social and emotional skills. Each trip also involves our students in different elements of service as action. In addition to the experiential learning experience students in the secondary school also undertake summative assessments as a direct result of the learning that occurs during the week.


Arts & Culture Clubs

Art, Cooking, Music, Dance, Christmas Play, Board Games, Computer Club


Athletics, Basketball, Soccer, Yoga


Use of the library, Reading Groups, Book Clubs

Science Club


Language Clubs

French, Spanish

Student Council

Represent the views of the students & contribute to discussions.


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