We deliver English language education using the American Common Core curriculum with the mindset of inquiry based learning. We also provide Arabic language instruction for Kindergarten students. Our program is designed to educate children through play, activities, projects, critical thinking, problem solving, and discovery. We work with children on every level: individual, pair, small group and large group. We provide differentiated learning opportunities for children of every learning style and ability.

Nursery (3-4 years old)
Our nursery is designed to transition children from the home to school. The main focus is learning through play, music, and artistic expression. Children learn the basic vocabulary to express their needs and to describe the things they see and feel. They also learn basic motor skills and fine motor skills that they will need later to play sports, write and draw. Emphasis is placed on social skills and classroom routines, learning how to use tools in the classroom and play with others.

Pre-K (4-5 years old)
Our Pre-K program takes the vocabulary that the children learned in nursery and begins to apply it to concepts like the home, family, and everyday life. Here children learn in greater depth about phonics and numbers, first in spoken form and then in pictorial and written form. They learn more vocabulary to express understanding about nature like plants, animals, and the seasons. Our activities are designed to help them improve their hand eye coordination and learn how to follow more complex directions. They begin to ask and answer questions and think critically in the most basic form.

Kindergarten (5-6 years old)
This program is more academically rigorous, using more time for lessons and less time for play. Children begin receiving daily lessons in Arabic language this year, although all other lessons are taught in English. We use games, activities, and music to learn and express understanding of a variety of concepts. Students will use their phonics and fine motor skills to begin reading and writing in this class, as well as being more creative in art. The ideas they learn in science, math, and social studies increase in difficulty. They learn to ask and answer more complex questions, to think more deeply about what they know, and gain the confidence they need to be successful learners.



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