Every year, Nile Valley School welcomes new educators to an already existing ethnical diverse faculty of educational professionals who bring them a wealth of pedagogical knowledge and expertise in order to enhance teaching and learning.

We believe that well qualified teachers provide the foundation for student achievement and success. Nile Valley School provides educators, who are committed to education, with a unique opportunity to growth both personally and professionally.

At Nile Valley School, we are continuously seeking to recruit highly qualified teachers and administrators (preferably holding a Master’s degree) with at least two years of successful teaching experience in the field of application. We are also seeking specialized teachers who possess knowledge, skills and leadership potential that they can share with colleagues. All aspiring NVS teachers must demonstrate a willingness to embrace the school’s philosophy of education, mission and values, and support the school’s effort to implement its strategic goals.

There are certain qualities that we are looking for in the recruitment of new staff. Aspiring NVS educators are encouraged to review the criteria below in order to make an informed decision whether Nile Valley School is the right school for them.

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