Khartoum is an off-beat and fascinating location. It is a great point from which to explore African and Middle Eastern countries. The children and the Sudanese are warm and welcoming and our school is innovative and friendly. It is also expanding presenting good professional teaching opportunities.

The housing is of a high standard and within walking distance of school. Each teacher enjoys the privacy of their own well furnished apartment. There are shops nearby and well stocked Western style supermarkets.

Salary and Benefits
Our salaries are very competitive and the saving potential is extremely high. Teachers are equipped by the school with SIM cards and laptop computers. Annual return air tickets to point of origin are provided and the paid vacations are generous. We also provide medical insurance.

Living in Khartoum and What to Do
Built where the Blue and White Niles meet, Khartoum defies expectations. It's a boisterous, modern, flamboyant city with an ever-increasing number of glass tower blocks altering its skyline. As well as an excellent museum, some fascinating souqs (markets) and incredible Nile-side views and boat trips, Khartoum's good facilities, hospitable people and laid-back vibe mean that most people find it an interesting place to live and work. There are first class hotels, gyms and excellent restaurants and supermarkets with imported food items.

Outside Khartoum, there are tourist attractions such as the lovely old pyramids of Nuri, near Karima, which lie amidst a dramatic setting of orange sand. Dating from around the 7th century BC these are both the oldest and largest pyramids in the country. Some of our teachers have even been camping in the desert. Another popular trip over a long weekend is a visit to Port Sudan. This can be reached via plane from Khartoum to Port Sudan New International Airport or via a tarred road linking Port Sudan to Khartoum via Atabara which passes through great scenery the pyramids of Meroe (Meroë). Port Sudan also has a rail link with Khartoum: trains leave every Monday at 20:00 and arrive about twenty hours later.

Our Academic Program
American CCSS (California) are taught from K to Grade 8. From Grade 9 students follow the Cambridge IGCSE examination program. Students have access to an excellent sporting program and are students are renowned for their basketball skills. We offer a varied after school activity program and there is an active Student Council (STUCO) and an MUN. As an inclusive school, we are very proud of our Special Needs unit that caters for a variety of students. All students have to pass a placement test before being offered a place at NVS.



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