Teaching Vacancies for the 2019-20 School Year


Elementary: Grades 2, 3 and 4

Elementary: Tentative: Elementary Coordinator combined with teaching

Middle School: Math, Language Arts and Social Studies

Tentative: Middle School Coordinator; Will be combined with teaching

Nursery, Pre-K teachers

All salaries are highly competitive and based on experience and qualifications

All teachers applying for the above positions should hold a recognized teaching credential from a Western country (we do not accept CELTA) and have a minimum of two years experience and excellent verifiable references. You should be a native English speaker. You should preferably have experience of teaching American CCSS and Cambridge Primary.

Only successful candidates will be contacted for a Skype interview. Please complete the NVS application form and send copies of your teaching certification and degree.


High School Vacancies

Geography, Sociology, Global Perspectives, Math and English Language.

Local recruitment preferred. Must be experienced and well qualified with excellent English skills.

email: recruitment@nilevalleyschool.com



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