Our goal is to help students grow and learn from experiences both inside and outside the classroom. So we expect every students to:


  • Welcome students from different nationalities, faith and linguistic backgrounds.
  • Respect and celebrate cultural and individual differences.
  • Use Social Media responsibly.
  • Be ready and willing to ensure to assume their share of responsibility for the good of the school community.
  • Exercise sound moral judgments and practices.
  • Esteem their own person-hood and that of others.
  • Make an effort to protect the environment.
  • Avoid profane or obscene language or gestures.
  • Demonstrate respect by refraining from physical abuse, social harassment / ragging / bullying / or any other behaviour that disrupts the school environment.
  • Be respectful of gender and refrain from in appropriate sexual behaviour.
  • Respect school property and the property of others by not vandalizing.
  • Report missing objects immediately to the office concerned.
  • Respect yourself by refraining from substance abuse like smoking, drugs and alcohol.
  • Use ICT V- Cloudpoint system responsibly.



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